Writing a family christmas newsletter ideas

Here are ten creative Christmas letter ideas.

Writing a family christmas newsletter ideas

Repurpose the 12 Days of Christmas Repurpose the 12 Days of Christmas song by changing it to include information your family. For example, "12 days of camping in the wilderness, 11 hours of traveling to Lucy's wedding, 10 pizzas ordered for Jack's 13th birthday party, 9 fights between the kids that ended without extra chores for everyone, 8 dance lessons before Amy decided she's going to be a famous ballerina when she grows up, 7 chapters completed in Mark's first novel, 6 months before Erin gets her driver's license, 5 partially completed home improvement projects, 4 new kittens for Fluffy in September, 3 weeks to Christmas, 2 exhausted parents, and 1 happy family.

Create a Top 10 List Make a Top 10 list of exciting things that happened during the year, highlighting a different family member in each list number. You may choose to feature professional accomplishments, academic achievements, or interesting personal activities such as running your first 5K or finally getting around to learning how to knit.

For very young children, consider including tidbits such as a new developmental milestone they've reached or one of your favorite funny stories from the year. You could also include memorable group events, such as traveling to your sister's wedding or regularly volunteering at a soup kitchen as a family.

When writing your Top 10 list, remember to keep the details for each family member balanced and equitable.

10 Ways to Write a Memorable Christmas Newsletter

It is not suitable to spend three paragraphs on one child's accomplishments while only sparing a sentence or two for another child. Avoid the perception that you're playing favorites.

Make a Naughty or Nice List Formatting your letter like Santa's naughty or nice list is a clever strategy, especially if you have young children at home who regularly get into mischievous exploits such as clogging your toilet with Hot Wheels cars or giving each other unauthorized hair cuts.

If you decide to use this approach, just remember to end on a positive note. Poking fun at the challenges of your year is fine, but you don't want to give the impression that you're fishing for sympathy or constantly complaining.

If your budget has a little extra room for postage, roll your letter and send it in a mailing tube to add to the authentic feel of your naughty and nice list. Say It With a Poem Write your entire Christmas newsletter as a rhyming poem, using RhymeZone's online rhyming tool for help coming up with suitable rhyming phrases.

If rhyming isn't your thing, you could also try an acrostic poem spelling out a phrase such as "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays.

Use traditional fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia for the text and include a decorative font in red or green ink for each letter of your acrostic poem. This will make it easy to see the holiday greeting at a glance.

Include a Recipe Share a favorite holiday recipe as part of your letter, along with an explanation of what the dish means to you and your family.

If you have them, include a few photos of your family in the kitchen or gathered around the table to enjoy the dish. If it's well known that you hate to cook, you could also try to write a "Recipe for a Memorable Year" with instructions such as "Drive 1, miles to attend Dawson's soccer games" or "Spend 93 hours practicing the saxophone to earn a spot as a soloist in the spring musical program.

writing a family christmas newsletter ideas

Write a Play Format your letter as a script, with written dialogue for each family member. You play could showcase a typical day in your life or a conversation you might have with Santa, Rudolph, or Frosty the Snowman.

Include photos of each family member dressed up in a suitable costume next to their dialogue for a little added visual appeal.

Take a Different Perspective Your Christmas letter doesn't have to be from your perspective only.

writing a family christmas newsletter ideas

Make it memorable by writing your letter from the perspective of the family pet and playing with some of the stereotypical characteristics of cats and dogs.

Alternatively, you could write your letter from the perspective of the littlest member of your family.

A toddler or preschooler undoubtedly has a different opinion as to what the highlights of your year have been! Another advantage of keeping this strategy for writing your Christmas letter is that it helps keep your greeting brief. In most cases, a one page newsletter is best. However, if you have a large family or have had a particularly exciting year, it's fine to add a second page.

Give a Gift If you're crafty, include a small handmade gift with your letter such as a beaded or embroidered Christmas ornament or a folded paper picture frame.The first Christmas after my husband and I were married, I was so excited to make our first Christmas card and write our first newsletter.

I remember I hand stitched (gasp!) a star on the front of each card and put a review of our year on the inside.

Christmas News Letters - suggestions and examples

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Christmas Letter Every year we get between 10 and 20 Christmas letters. I read every single one, and keep them in a basket in the dining room so visitors and family members can easily scoop them up. Need some ideas and inspiration to create an annual holiday letter for your friends and family?

ideas for writing creative christmas letters See more. Find this Pin and more on Family Christmas Newsletter / Letter Ideas by Mom of 5 in Virginia _. Our family's Christmas newsletter. This one was a blast to design and create.

A section devoted to Christmas newsletters, with some suggestions and over 40 examples, good, bad and hilarious. A section devoted to Christmas newsletters, with some suggestions and over 40 examples, good, bad and hilarious. Home > Christmas News Letters Christmas News Letters - Suggestions and Examples Bragging Christmas letters: We have all gotten them.

You may have sent them. Write about Christmas when you were a child, or how you met your spouse. Is there a more derided Christmas tradition than the family newsletter? Probably not.

We don’t want to break the family bonds with Cousin Joe, even if we haven’t seen him in years.

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