The toughest place to be a

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The toughest place to be a

The roof shingles on one side of my house hang over the gutters so much that birds have built nests under the overhang. I tried to cut the shingles back using tin snips but haven't had much luck. What should I do? It sounds like someone set the shingles way too far over the edge the last time your roof was done.

Once you determine how much overhang you need to cut off, mark your cutline with chalk and a straightedge. On some roofs, you might be able to use the exposed butt edges of the roofing course as a guide to keep your cuts straight.

How you cut them depends on what kind of shingles they are.

The toughest place to be a

With asphalt or fiberglass shingles, a sharp utility knife will do the trick. Just support the edge of the shingle on a block of wood as you make each cut, and change blades frequently. Be sure to hold the recip saw at a low angle—almost horizontal—so that the blade doesn't jab your gutters or cut the brackets.

My daughter lives in hurricane country in a year-old stucco house. Can she install hurricane clips to prevent her roof from blowing off?

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Those galvanized metal straps and clips that strengthen the connection between walls and rafters really do help to hold a house together in high winds. But it will be next to impossible to reach those spots from the attic. The only way to retrofit hurricane clips in most houses is by cutting out a section of the siding and the wall sheathing at every spot where a rafter rests on a wall or taking off the roof sheathing at the eaves.

Here's an easier option: Go up into the attic and run a bead of construction adhesive alongside each rafter where it meets the plywood roof deck. That simple measure will roughly triple a roof's resistance to being torn off by wind.

Not long after we moved into our home, some wise guy threw eggs at our asphalt shingle roof. I went up there and scrubbed with every cleanser I could think of, but all I got was a bad manicure.

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What should I do about this unsightly mess? Egg residue should come off just fine if you flood the area with water while the egg is still wet. But if it gets a chance to dry, or worse, if it gets baked on by the sun, the job isn't as easy.

I'd try soaking the area with water, then spraying it with a nontoxic, biodegradable cleaner such as Simple Green, which was originally formulated to remove protein stains. Let the cleaner soak in for a while as you keep the area moist, then gently scrub the area with a soft-bristle brush.

Working with cleaners and water on a roof will make surfaces slippery, however, so be very careful. When you're done, the color of the roofing may be noticeably different, but there's nothing you can do except wait it out.Merredin in Western Australia is the toughest place in Australia to find a woman Data from the ABS shows there are single men for every single women Young men in the age group are.

I am sure most of us saw or owned a phone before the smartphone era. The phones were a lot thicker and more compact than what we got accustomed today, but tough enough to handle a few drops and used mainly for calling and rarely for occasional basic gaming.

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Golf Digest course panelists comment on the hardest of the hard in the U.S. Toughest Place To Be A is a BBC Two television documentary which offered various working or retired professionals in the United Kingdom a different and more challenging working environment in the same profession they worked in.

These individuals travel to a foreign country to learn and work under the new environment for ten days. First broadcast in February , a total of fifteen episodes were produced . In this programme in the series where British workers accept the challenge to do their jobs in some of the toughest conditions in the world, London bus driver Josh West heads to Manila, the capital of the Philippines and the most densely populated city on Earth.

Oct 09,  · A midwife, bus driver and paramedic try to work in some of the world's toughest places.

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