The secret of seinfelds humor essay

The Secret of Seinfelds Humour By: The significance of the Insignificant, an article written by Jorge Gracia briefly outlines what the author believes to be the origin of the humour with which the popular television show Seinfeld achieved such broad based success. This is a very general question that could be analysed in any number of ways. The author however, suggest one possible answer.

The secret of seinfelds humor essay

I am a Christian. I think Christians can be silly. Just being honest here. I can crank out blog posts and magazine articles sometimes in an hour or less.

But this grueling article took me eight hours to write.

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Flickr Creative Commons Why is writing satire so hard? And how do you get better? Satire Satire is a unique literary genre. Authors like Jonathan Swift used it to make poignant arguments about society and culture.

The secret of seinfelds humor essay

Say less when you want to say more The first draft explained too much. It was too descriptive. I desperately wanted everyone to get all the jokes. So I broke each one down with little asides and parenthetical statements.

When I got around to my fourth draft yes fourthI had deleted half of my explanations. Yes, there were some subtleties. But those who did would feel special.

Be irreverent This is hard when your audience is faith-based. Even writing on a Christian satire blog, I was concerned that I might say something wrong or offend someone. But then I realize something: You have to potentially offend some people so that you can connect with those with whom the message with resonate.

Writing satire requires a little irreverence. In order to do that, you kind of have to lie. Not in a misleading way, but in a way that leaves an impression with the reader. Call it hyperbole, if you want. The factual truth is boring. You want to leave the reader asking tough questions and struggling with important issues long after she reads it.

Making fun of something or someone is what adolescents do. Hopefully, you want to do more. Being funny or clever is not enough. Satire is about making a thoughtful observation about changing something and using humor to make the idea accessible.

Baptizing Heathen Words Have you ever written satire? Share in the comments.Nov 06, Rating: A long time gone NEW by: Grassy Knolls It has been close to 50 years since I left Massapequa Park.

I lived on Grand Blvd., on the same block as Hall of Famers, Steven Federman and Jim Amen, both of whom were older guys.

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A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor. are noticeable in Powers of Horror were already in evidence in several earlier essays, some of which have been translated in Desire in Language (Columbia University Press, ).

Cosmo Kramer, usually referred to as simply "Kramer", is a fictional character on the American television sitcom Seinfeld (–), played by Michael Richards. The character is loosely based on comedian Kenny Kramer, Larry David's ex-neighbor across the hall.

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