The josephine baker story

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When she was seven, her family moved to her mother's rural hometown of LittletonNorth Carolina. As a girl, Baker listened to her grandmother tell stories about slave revolts. Baker's maternal grandmother, Josephine Elizabeth "Bet" Ross [5]: She was whipped as a young woman for refusing to marry a man chosen for her by her owner.

She went to the state capital to attend Shaw Universitya historically black university in Raleigh, North Carolina. She graduated as class valedictorian in As a student, she challenged school policies which she thought were unfair, specifically "the school's conservative dresscode It sought to develop black economic power through collective planning.

Having befriended Schuyler, Baker joined his group in and soon became its national director. Roosevelt 's New Deal. She taught courses in consumer education, labor history and African history.

The josephine baker story

Baker immersed herself in the cultural and political milieu of Harlem in the s. She protested Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and supported the campaign to free the Scottsboro defendants in Alabama, a group of young black men accused of raping two white women. During this time, she lived with and married her college sweetheart, T.

Their respective work schedules often kept them apart.

The josephine baker story

They divorced in Ella Baker rarely discussed her private life or marital status. According to fellow activist, Bernice Johnson Reagonmany women within the Civil Rights Movement followed Baker's example, adopting a practice of dissemblance that allowed them to be accepted within the movement as individuals.

She advocated widespread, local action as a means of social change. Her emphasis on a grassroots approach to the struggle for equal rights influenced the success of the modern Civil Rights Movement of the midth century.

Baker was hired as a secretary in December She traveled widely, especially in the South, recruiting members, raising money, and organizing local chapters. She was named director of branches in[13] making her the highest-ranking woman in the organization.

An outspoken woman, she had a strong belief in egalitarian ideals. She pushed the organization to decentralize its leadership structure and to aid its membership in more activist campaigns at the local level.

Baker believed that the strength of an organization grew from the bottom up and not the top down. Baker despised elitism and placed her confidence in many.

She believed that the bedrock of any social change organization is not the eloquence or credentials of its top leaders, but in the commitment and hard work of the rank and file membership and willingness and ability of those members to engage in a process of discussion, debate, and decision making.

While traveling throughout the South on behalf of the NAACP, Baker met hundreds of black people, establishing lasting relationships with them.

She slept in their homes, ate at their tables, spoke in their churches, and earned their trust.


She wrote thank-you notes and expressed her gratitude to the people she met. This personalized approach to political work was one important aspect of Baker's effective effort to recruit more members, men and women, into the NAACP.

Whereas some northern organizers tended to talk down to rural southerners, Baker's ability to treat everyone with respect helped her in recruiting. She tried to find a balance between voicing her concerns and maintaining a unified front. She served as a volunteer. She became its president in She did not believe that the program should be so channeled through White, the executive secretary, and the national office and not the people out in the field.

She lobbied for a reduction in the rigid hierarchy within the association and for placing more power in the hands of capable local leaders. She also advocated giving greater responsibility and autonomy to local branches.

She got top officials to deliver lectures, offer welcoming remarks, and conduct workshops. This organization was initially planned to be a loosely structured coalition linking church based leaders in civil rights struggles across the South.The Josephine Baker Story is an American television film that first aired on HBO on March 16, It stars Lynn Whitfield as Josephine Baker, who is regarded for being the first international African-American star, despite her more prominent success in regardbouddhiste.comng: Lynn Whitfield, Rubén Blades, David Dukes, Craig T.

Nelson, Louis Gossett, Jr. Brian Gibson's made-for-cable biography of the famed singer Josephine Baker stars Lynn Whitfield as the black American who found stardom and scandal as the toast of the Paris night-life during the s and ' R. Simon Baker's impressively confident debut is a wistful coming-of-age story about surfing, surrender, and erotic asphyxiation.

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However, it doesn't really matter. A good yarn is a good yarn no matter how it is laid out. The Josephine Baker Story is a good yarn/5. The Josephine Baker Story is an American television film that first aired on HBO on March 16, It stars Lynn Whitfield as Josephine Baker, who is regarded for being the first international African-American star, despite her more prominent success in Europe.

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