The fight on marijuana

The fight for medical marijuana started with the gay community, and it may end in Florida this year By:

The fight on marijuana

Courtesy of Smart Approaches to Marijuana Hunt, who has started a petition to ban the Denver Rally and published an op-ed in USA Today condemning Colorado's choice to legalize retail cannabis, had three goals when he created the symposium. We've been working independently before this.

With more troops on board, Hunt hopes to achieve his third goal: Many of the discussion topics at the event have similar titles to cannabis industry and advocacy seminars; the tone, attitude and solutions discussed are virtually the opposite, however.

Social health effects, edibles packaging, the amount of revenue created, the endocannabinoid system and homelessness are all part of the focus, but the narrative is much more morose and alarming than at an industry mixer.

Centennial Insititue director Jeff Hunt. The industry had sway," he told the audience. Several speakers, including Sabet, said that CBD medication should be available to children suffering from epilepsy and frequent seizures — but added that the thought of half-ounce joints and potent concentrates like wax and shatter being presented as medicine was hypocritical.

The fight on marijuana

If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.Sep 04,  · Sept. 4, -- Chemicals in marijuana may be useful in fighting MRSA, a kind of staph bacterium that is resistant to certain antibiotics.

Veterans Groups Fight For Marijuana Access To Curb Opioid Abuse | The Daily Caller

Researchers in Italy and the U.K. tested five major. Illinois is the first state to give doctors the ability to prescribe marijuana instead of opiates in an effort to fight the opioid epidemic. Others may follow.

Opponents of Cannabis Legalization Fight Back Against Pot Industry | Westword

Here’s who bankrolls the fight against marijuana legalization By Keegan Hamilton Oct 26, Even by the usual standards of politics, this election’s campaign against marijuana legalization. NJ 'exploring' weed in fight vs. opioid crisis The number of New Jersey medical marijuana patients has doubled this year (and more medical marijuana doctors are signing up).

Since , he has been involved with Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an anti-marijuana organization led by Kevin Sabet. Last year, Kennedy and Project Sam helped raise more than $2 million to fight various statewide marijuana legalization initiatives.

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