Star spangled girl

Andy and Norman are two earnest young men using their apartment as a publishing office for a "protest" magazine in San Francisco.

Star spangled girl

That all changed inwhen one enormous flag, pieced together on the floor of a Baltimore brewery, was first hoisted over the federal garrison at Fort McHenry. Succeeding generations loved and honored the Stars and Stripes, but this flag in particular provided a unique connection to the national narrative.

Once it was moved to the Smithsonian Institution init remained on almost continuous display. After almost years of service, the flag had slowly deteriorated almost to the point of no return. Its long journey from obscurity began on a blazing July day inwhen Mary Pickersgill, a hardworking widow known as one of the best flag makers in Baltimore, received a rush order from Maj.

The United States had declared war in June to settle its disputed northern and western borders and stop the British from impressing American seamen; the British, annoyed by American privateering against their merchant ships, readily took up the challenge. As the summer of unfolded, the enemies were trading blows across the Canadian border.

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Then British war vessels appeared in the Chesapeake Bay, menacing shipping, destroying local batteries and Star spangled girl buildings up and down the estuary. As Baltimore prepared for war, Armistead ordered his big new flag—one the British would be able to see from miles away.

It would signal that the fort was occupied and prepared to defend the harbor. Pickersgill got right to work. While the bunting was manufactured in inch widths, the stripes in her design were each two feet wide, so she had to splice in an extra six inches all the way across.

She did it so smoothly that the completed product would look like a finished whole—and not like the massive patchwork it was.

Sitting on the brewery floor, she stitched a scattering of five-pointed stars into the canton. Each one, fashioned from white cotton, was almost two feet across.

Then she turned the flag over and snipped out blue material from the backs of the stars, tightly binding the edges; this made the stars visible from either side. By mid-August, the work was done—a supersize version of the Stars and Stripes. Mary Pickersgill delivered the finished flag on August 19,along with a junior version.

The smaller flag, 17 by 25 feet, was to be flown in inclement weather, saving wear and tear on the more expensive one, not to mention the men who hoisted the unwieldy monster up the flagpole.

For a widow who had to make her own way, Pickersgill lived well, eventually buying a brick house on East Pratt Street, supporting her mother and daughter there and furnishing the place with luxuries such as floor coverings of painted sailcloth.

All of them needed flags—company flags, signal flags, country flags. The city braced itself, but after the enemies eyed each other for several days, the British weighed anchor and melted into the haze. That season looked like a disaster in the making for the Americans.

Star spangled girl

When summer arrived in Canada, so did 14, British combatants ready to invade the United States across Lake Champlain. On the Chesapeake, 50 British warships under Vice Adm. Sir Alexander Cochrane headed for Washington, where, in Augustthe invaders burned the presidential mansion, the Capitol and other public buildings.

After maneuvering their ships into position and testing the range of their guns, the British opened the main assault on Baltimore on September Five bomb ships led the way, lobbing pound shells into Fort McHenry and unleashing rockets with exploding warheads.

The fort answered—but with little effect. During the hour battle, says historian Sheads, the British unleashed about tons of shells, raining bombs and rockets on the fort at the rate of one projectile per minute.

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The thunder they produced shook Baltimore to its foundations and was heard as far away as Philadelphia. Hugging walls and taking the hits wore on the defenders.

Nicholson, an artillery commander within the fort. Frederick Evans looked up to see a shell the size of a flour barrel screaming toward him. It failed to explode. Evans noticed handwritten on its side: After a furious thunderstorm broke over Baltimore about 2 p. After all, says Sheads, it was "just an ordinary garrison flag.

Admiral Cochrane called a halt to the barrage about 7 a.Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, who is just 7, delivered an incredible rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" in front of 25, fans at an LA Galaxy match.

Star spangled girl

The Star-Spangled Girl (Play, Original) opened in New York City Dec 21, and played through Aug 5, THE STORY: Andy and Norman are two earnest young men using their apartment as a publishing office for a protest magazine in San Francisco.

Sophie, an Olympic swimmer and all-American girl, moves into another apartment on the same floor. Sophie ma. Overview of Star Spangled Girl, , directed by Jerry Paris, with Sandy Duncan, Tony Roberts, Todd Susman, at Turner Classic Movies. This fast moving, hilarious comedy, deals with two earnest young men struggling to put out a "protest" magazine, and the all-American girl who moves in next door and manages to send both of them into a romantic tail spin.

Star Spangled Girl - Official Trailer A poorly realized project in which Duncan plays the all-American girl up against the phony leftist ideals of newspaper people Roberts and Susman.

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