Smart notice board working

But the manner in which you hang up your hat is still pretty important. You want your grace, dignity and professional contributions to speak louder than anything. Remember, resigning doesn't necessarily mean retiring.

Smart notice board working

At the beginning of the school year, I post these "S.

Classroom Bulletin Board Displays

Rules" in my classroom: S - ay please and thank you M - ake friends and be thoughtful A - rrive on time, prepared, and ready to learn R - espect yourself and others T - ry your best! You can find the free download link for this free "Be S.

Students Design Their Own Book Report Projects My students complete a lot of unique book report projects that I have designed throughout the school year. For their last book report activity in June, students design their own projects. Below is a classroom bulletin board display featuring my students' reading projects.

You will find ideas for over 20 different book report projects on this page of Unique Teaching Resources. End of Year Reading Celebration Day: My students enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from the books that they have read that year.

On this day, my students give speeches pretending to be the characters that they chose.

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For part of their character speeches, my students present "1st Place Book Awards" to their favorite books and they complete a project shaped like a trophy for this assignment shown below.

Click on the following link to view these trophy book report projects: Winter English Teaching Resources: Sentence Strips and Pocket Charts Pockets charts are ideal for displaying sentence strips.

This pocket chart display contains writing prompts and journal writing topics. I change these sentence strips once a week. Classroom Bulletin Board Displays: Fun writing projects in a variety of unique shapes.

Templates and projects that will engage your students in writing poems. I display my classroom calendar pocket chart next to my creative writing prompts pocket chart in my classroom.

Smart notice board working

I like using a pocket chart for calendar sets because you don't have to worry about staples, thumb tacks, or velcro and the pieces do not get damaged inside the pocket chart. It is also quick and easy to change my calendar pocket chart at the beginning of each month. This is a photograph from a different school that I worked at.

This is the same pocket chart shown above and I probably used it for at least 10 years before having to replace it with a new one.

In this classroom display, I also am using a pocket chart for our "word of the day" display. Classroom Libary Divided Into Different Genres I label all of the spines of the books in my classroom library so that it is easy for students to find the correct place in my library where the book belongs.

Genre Pizza Reading Sticker Charts: These unique pizza charts encourage students to read 8 different genres of literature: Dive Into Reading Sticker Charts: These fish shaped sticker charts are divided into eight genres: In addition to separating my classroom library into genres, I have colorful boxes labeled with the names of some of my students' favorite authors.

If a student has really enjoyed a story written by a particular author, they are usually always enthusiastic to read another book by the same author. Dividing a section of my library into "favorite author boxes" helps students to find these books quickly.Join Steve Blatt for an in-depth discussion in this video, Working with the interface, part of SMART Board Essential Training.

Nov 25,  · I am going to assume you have a series SMART board, in which case the pens have no batteries, they are just hunks of plastic. The nibs do wear out with use, but that would not really affect how they work. Seattle Municipal Tower, 5th Ave Suite , Seattle, WA / Home / smART ventures grant.

The Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM project, as the name suggests, is built around GSM Technology as mobile phones (that communicate through GSM Technology) have become very abundant, cheap and easy to use.

It is working fine. Thanks for sharing. Reply. epul says. March 15, at am. Any wireless keyboard and mouse will work with the Samsung Smart TV.

I have personally used wired keyboards and mouse as well and it worked like a charm. I have used Logitech - K Plus Wireless Keyboard - Black with my TV in the past and it is a.

To open the keyboard, press the SMART Board icon in the notification area and select Keyboard. Alternatively, press the Keyboard button on the pen tray. Type or edit text in any application without leaving the interactive whiteboard.

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