Shoppign for one by anne cassidy

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Shoppign for one by anne cassidy

Maximillian Parker was 12 years old when his family arrived in Salt Lake City in as Mormon pioneers ; [5] Ann Gillies was born and lived in Tynesidein northeast England, before emigrating to America with her family in at the age of Aroundhe journeyed to a clothier's shop in another town but found the shop closed.

Shoppign for one by anne cassidy

He entered the shop and stole a pair of jeans and some pie, leaving an IOU promising to pay on his next visit. The clothier pressed charges, but Cassidy was acquitted by a jury.

He continued to work on ranches untilwhen he moved to Telluride, Coloradoostensibly to seek work but perhaps to deliver stolen horses to buyers.

He led a cowboy's life in Wyoming and Montana before returning to Telluride in There he met Matt Warner, the owner of a race horse. Cassidy and Warner raced the horse at various events, dividing the winnings between them.

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InCassidy purchased a ranch on the outskirts of Dubois, Wyoming. Bassett's father, rancher Herb Bassett, did business with Cassidy, supplying him with fresh horses and beef.

That same year, Cassidy was arrested at Lander, Wyomingfor stealing horses and possibly for running a protection racket among the local ranchers there. After serving 18 months of a two-year sentence, Cassidy was released and pardoned in January by Governor William Alford Richards.

The gang assembled sometime after Cassidy's release from prison in and took its name from the Doolin—Dalton gangalso known as the "Wild Bunch". The four hid there until early April, when Lay and Cassidy sent the women home so that the men could plan their next robbery.

On June 2,the gang robbed a Union Pacific Overland Flyer passenger train near Wilcox, Wyominga robbery which earned the Wild Bunch a great deal of notoriety and resulted in a massive manhunt. Tom Horna killer-for-hire employed by the Pinkerton Agencyobtained information from explosives expert Bill Speck about the Hazen shooting, and then passed this information to Pinkerton detective Charlie Siringowho was assigned the task of capturing the outlaws.

The gang escaped into the Hole-in-the-Wall.

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Siringo became friends with Elfie Landusky, who was using the last name Curry after allegedly becoming pregnant by Kid Curry's brother, Lonny. Through her, Siringo intended to locate the gang. On July 11,Lay and others were involved in a Colorado and Southern Railroad train robbery near Folsom, New Mexicowhich Cassidy may have planned and personally directed.

A shootout ensued with local law enforcement, during which Lay killed Sheriff Edward Farr and Henry Love; Lay was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment at the New Mexico State Penitentiary.

The Wild Bunch would typically separate following a robbery and flee in different directions, later reuniting at a predetermined location, such as the Hole-in-the-Wall hideout, Robbers Roost, or Madame Fannie Porter 's brothel in San AntonioTexas. Wells appears to have declined, advising Cassidy to instead approach the Union Pacific Railroad to persuade them to drop their criminal complaints against him.

Union Pacific Railroad chairman E. Harriman attempted to meet with Cassidy through his old ally Matt Warner.Presentations: "Shopping For One" by Anne Cassidy.

Anne Cassidy - Author - Anne Cassidy - Author

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