Sex tourism in southeast asian countries essay

Navigation Southeast Asia Final Exam Essay I have personally benefitted from this study because it gave me a better understanding of how ethnic conflict is not inevitable but instead owes much of its origin to governments that favor certain sectors of the population and either ignore or try to forcefully integrate other sectors. As a north American, studying the Philippines and Vietnam were enlightening as I had never learned about the extent of US involvement in the nations as well as the atrocities inflicted upon the people.

Sex tourism in southeast asian countries essay

Sex Tourism Essay Sex Tourism Essay The term sex tourism refers to the development and expansion of industries providing sexual services to tourists.

These industries—which include not just the establishments that provide sex shows and prostitution, but also travel agencies, hotels, and other businesses—have developed to cater primarily to Western and Japanese men who travel for business and leisure activities.

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Consider the growth of sex tourism in Thailand alone, which is a common destination for sex tourists. InThailand received two million international tourists a year; bythis number had more than tripled to seven million.

Most notably, the vast majority of tourists in Thailand—five million in —were unaccompanied men, with a significant portion of them being sex tourists.

Sex tourism in southeast asian countries essay

Experts link the growth of sex tourism to broader patterns of tourist growth. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, by the yeartourism was the single most important global economic activity. Tourism has been promoted extensively as a developmental strategy for third world countries.

Local governments have actively promoted tourism as well, as it has become increasingly important in sustaining their economies. It has been especially pronounced in Asia, and its roots are linked to the impact of the U.

Though prostitution has a long history in the region, sex tourism is a direct outgrowth of U. In fact, prostitution regularly flourishes during wartime, with the tacit or explicit approval of military leaders and with little concern for harms caused to the women involved.

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The infrastructures put into place to serve American military personnel were well suited to the expansion of sex tourism after military withdrawal. The structure and operation of the sex tourism industry continues to be shaped by Western imperialism, colonial legacies, and racialized notions of sexuality.

Moreover, these images can be considered as not simply based on notions of racial difference, but also on racial hierarchy. In Thailand, for example, an estimatedtowomen work in commercial sex, with the vast majority in Bangkok. A third are believed to be minors. Thailand is a common destination country for trafficking in Asia.

In addition, young women from impoverished rural villages within Thailand are trafficked or migrate to Bangkok to work in the sex industry to support their families. Often these young women are the primary breadwinners in their families.

Many young women are sold—outright or into debt bondage—in exchange for money paid to their families. Other young women willingly migrate to work in the sex industry, though often without full knowledge of the circumstances under which they will work.

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However, the distinction between forced and voluntary prostitution is a complex issue. Both stable and changing features of local cultures help sustain the sex industry, including sex tourism. Religion and the cultural devaluation of women also provide important justifications. For example, like most major religions around the world, Thai Buddhism regards women as distinctly inferior to men and as impure, carnal, and corrupting.

Moreover, Thai Buddhism also teaches as a core principle acceptance and resignation to pain and suffering. The concept of karma, another key religious principle, teaches Buddhists that the pains they endure in this lifetime are the result of their actions in previous lives; in fact, simply being born female may be indicative of failures in past lives.

Gender inequality and the cultural devaluation of women help explain why prostitution itself has proliferated and why the brunt of the industry is born by young women. However, global capitalism and its push for profits may be equally at the root of why these young women have become commodities.

Prostitution is often recognized as a means of increasing foreign revenue to a country. The result is tacit acceptance and encouragement of the industry by local officials, combined with the criminalization of sex workers.ABOUT SEMINAR Islamic tourism in Southeast Asia is steadily increasing in In the essay I will be talking about elements that define tourism and how they all inter-relate with each other, China first builds its relationship with Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia.

The China and Malaysia’s relationship officially starts in. Sep 22,  · Sex Tourism in Southeast Asia. Taking a cooking class whilst visiting a Southeast Asian country will supercharge your cooking skills.

You will be preparing delicious meals for years down the line that remind you of the good ol’ days backpacking Southeast Asia. Sex tourism is well documented in a number of countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the Dominican Republic.

It has been especially pronounced in Asia, and its roots are linked to the impact of the U.S. military presence there in the middle of the 20th century.

Chinese, followed by South Koreans and Taiwanese, made up the majority of tourists to Japan. But the number of visitors from South-east Asia, including Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, has also soared. Tourist arrivals from ASEAN have jumped 30 to 40 percent, compared, for instance, with only 15 percent from the United States, according to JNTO.

Sex Tourism in Southeast Asian countries Essay - Introduction The predominant popularity of sex tourism in South East Asia led to many foreign tourist attractions to their countries. South East Asia, notably Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, and Cambodia all have notorious red light districts promoted in guidebooks as a tourist attraction.

Tourism While tourism can be a powerful positive force for change in poor countries, it can also be seriously damaging for the local environment and culture.

An increase in mass tourism that is not controlled responsibly can ruin areas of natural beauty.

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