Milo martin thesis

Computer Aided Verification Abstract Many multithreaded programs employ concurrent data types to safely share data among threads. The formal verification of such implementations is challenging as well because the high degree of concurrency leads to a large number of possible executions.

Milo martin thesis

Martin, Mukund Raghothaman, Sanjit A. This is the first online course to use a virtual laboratory and the first deployed auto-grader that uses formal verification.

Implemented primarily in F.

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The solver inductively synthesizes a program directly from a high-level specification working through counter-examples. It uses the SMT solver Z3 both for synthesis learning program from input-output examples and verification finding counter-examples phases.

This was publicly released as one of the three baseline solvers. George VargheseDr. Nikolaj BjornerDr.

Milo martin thesis

Ratul MahajanProf. Seshia Developing efficient data structures and abstraction mechanisms for static verification of networks with large packet headers. By encoding to a disjoint normal form using difference of ternary bit vectors, we transform a large graph over header spaces to a smaller equivalent graph which we use for verification of quantitative properties such as those involving bandwidth, rate limits and latency.

We have been able to successfully run on Azure data center networks, which would assist network operators to find high cost bugs before they manifest. The abstraction and quantity propagation engines implemented in C are heavily optimized to be scalable and high performing.

We developed an active learning algorithm to choose the new data points to obtain labels for. The data points in our case are multi-dimensional time series obtained from the physics-based robotics simulator CyberSim.

Active learning enables us to achieve same accuracy levels for the classifier using fewer training examples as compared to random data point selection. DTW computation is implemented in R and the clustering algorithm in Python.Theses Practical Low-Overhead Enforcement of Memory Safety for C Programs.

Santosh Nagarakatte, PhD Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, Supervised by Professor Milo M K Martin.

[Gems-users] MOESI broadcast protocol

Craig Zilles, Dan Sorin, Manoj Plakal, and Milo Martin have shared in my graduate school experience the entire time I have been at Wisconsin and have served as .

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Thank you for these wonderful tips and comments. ture design for my thesis research and our collaboration produced an HPCA paper.

Milo martin thesis

Wooseok Chang helped to setup the Windows benchmarks and trace collection tools. I learnt a lot about dissertation writing by reading other Ph.D. dissertations from Wisconsin Architecture group, especially Milo . On Mar 17, , at AM, Mike Marty wrote: The [M_w and MM_w] states are an unneeded optimization to allow a processor to retire 1 or more instructions before losing permission to the block.

What Mike said is correct, and let me add a bit of context.

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