Health problems associated with computer use

So, it makes you that much more vulnerable to any occupational hazard. If you have a career in computers, you might want to know what possible problems could crop up and what you could do to prevent their occurrence. Here are five of the most common problems, which a PC user may face: The eye lens and the eye muscles stay locked in the same position for a long time and thereby, get strained.

Health problems associated with computer use

Sleep deficiency is a broader concept.

Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

It occurs if you have one or more of the following: Sleeping is a basic human need, like eating, drinking, and breathing. Like these other needs, sleeping is a vital part of the foundation for good health and well-being throughout your lifetime.

Sleep deficiency can lead to physical and mental health problems, injuries, loss of productivity, and even a greater risk of death.

Non-REM sleep includes what is commonly known as deep sleep or slow wave sleep. Dreaming typically occurs during REM sleep. This clock typically follows a hour repeating rhythm called the circadian rhythm.

Video game-related health problems - Wikipedia

The rhythm affects every cell, tissue, and organ in your body and how they work. For more information, go to "What Makes You Sleep? You may not feel refreshed and alert when you wake up. Sleep deficiency can interfere with work, school, driving, and social functioning.

You might have trouble learning, focusing, and reacting. Sleep deficiency also can make you feel frustrated, cranky, or worried in social situations.

The signs and symptoms of sleep deficiency may differ between children and adults. Children who are sleep deficient might be overly active and have problems paying attention.


They also might misbehave, and their school performance can suffer. Outlook Sleep deficiency is a common public health problem in the United States. People in all age groups report not getting enough sleep. As part of a health survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 7—19 percent of adults in the United States reported not getting enough rest or sleep every day.

Nearly 40 percent of adults report falling asleep during the day without meaning to at least once a month. Also, an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic ongoing sleep disorders. Sleep deficiency is linked to many chronic health problems, including heart diseasekidney disease, high blood pressurediabetes, strokeobesityand depression.

Sleep deficiency also is associated with an increased risk of injury in adults, teens, and children. For example, driver sleepiness not related to alcohol is responsible for serious car crash injuries and death. In the elderly, sleep deficiency might be linked to an increased risk of falls and broken bones.

Health problems associated with computer use

In addition, sleep deficiency has played a role in human errors linked to tragic accidents, such as nuclear reactor meltdowns, grounding of large ships, and aviation accidents. A common myth is that people can learn to get by on little sleep with no negative effects.

However, research shows that getting enough quality sleep at the right times is vital for mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. What Makes You Sleep? Many factors play a role in preparing your body to fall asleep and wake up.

The body clock typically has a hour repeating rhythm called the circadian rhythm. Two processes interact to control this rhythm. This drive for sleep reaches a peak in the evening, when most people fall asleep. A compound called adenosine ah-DEN-o-seen seems to be one factor linked to this drive for sleep.

The increasing level of this compound signals a shift toward sleep. While you sleep, your body breaks down adenosine. A second process involves your internal body clock.Acanthamoeba Keratitis. A rare but serious eye infection associated with poor contact lens hygiene and other factors.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Amblyopia is a vision development problem in infants and young children that can lead to permanent vision loss.


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Walter Last. The following recommendations for overcoming specific health problems contain in a condensed form some important or specific ingredients of a .

Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on Workstation Components Monitors.

Volkow ND, Baler RD, Compton WM, Weiss SR. Adverse health effects of marijuana use. N Engl J Med. ;(23) Meier MH, Caspi A, Cerdá M, et al. Associations between Cannabis Use and Physical Health Problems in Early Midlife: A Longitudinal Comparison . Health Problems Associated with Computer Use Essay BTEC February 23, The health problems associated with daily computer use. This paper represents a general summary of some of the health issues associated with computer use. Computer-induced health problems can be an umbrella term for the various problems a computer user can develop from prolonged and incorrect computer use.A computer user may experience many physical health problems from using computers extensively over a .

Choosing a suitable monitor and placing it in an appropriate position helps reduce exposure to forceful exertions, awkward postures, and overhead helps prevent possible health effects such as excessive fatigue, eye strain, and neck and back pain.

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5 Health problems, an over 40 computer user, should be aware of