Essay about summer season in india

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Essay about summer season in india

Select Page Summer Season Essay Summer is the hottest season of the year however very interesting and entertaining season especially for the kids because they get chance to enjoy swimming, hilly regions, eat ice-creams, lassi, favorite fruits, etc.

They enjoy school off in the summer season. It is one of the four temperate seasons of the year which falls between spring and autumn.

Essay about summer season in india

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It is quite longest season than other seasons of the year.

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During summer solstice, days become longest and nights shortest. Summer season generally starts soon after the Holi festival in the month of March and ends in the month of June.

As day-length increases, summer season temperature become at highest peak point; however, as day-length decreases, summer temperature goes down slowly. When it becomes summer in Northern Hemisphere, it becomes winter in Southern Hemisphere.

Weather becomes quite dry in this season however because of high temperature, warm air runs all through the season which is intolerable to us. It is the hottest season of the year as temperature reaches at its highest point.

During this season, days get longer and hotter whereas nights shorter. In the middle of the day, sun rays are very hot. Hot wind runs all through the day which makes all around environment dry and rough.

During peak summer season, small streams, wells, and ponds get dry up. People living in the rural areas suffer the lack of water, high heat, dryness, etc a lot because of the lack of electricity and other comfortable resources. In spite of high heat, people enjoy eating summer season fruits like mangoes, cucumber, jackfruits, lichee, muskmelon, watermelon, etc in abundance.

People in the urban areas enjoy a lot of activities in this season like swimming, tour to the hilly regions, Water Park, Fun Food Village, etc. Summer Season Essay 3 words Summer season is the hottest season of the year which makes outing almost impossible all through the day.

People generally go outside to the market in the late evening or night. Most of the people enjoy morning walk in the summer season because of its cooling effect.

Essay about summer season in india

Dusty, dry, and hot wind runs all through the day. Sometimes, people suffer heat stroke, dehydration, diarrhea, cholera and other health disorders due to the summer. Following are some points we should follow during summer season: It is very sunny season.

We should wear comfortable cotton clothes. We should eat and drink cold things to fight summer heat. We should take lots of precautions to be healthy and fit all through the season.

We should go to the hilly regions in summer vacation to easily combat with summer heat. We should drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

We should not go outside during day time especially 10am to 5pm to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays. We should keep a bowl of water and some rice grains outside in the corridor to save birds from the summer heat. We should ask for water to the people especially goods sellers, postman, etc.

Essay on summer season in English with examples

We should use cooling resources for our comfort in summer season; however, try to use less electricity to reduce the bad effects of global warming. We should not waste water and electricity.

We should plant more trees in our surrounding areas and water them on daily basis to reduce the summer heat. Summer Season Essay 4 words Summer season is one of the four seasons of the year. In spite of being a hottest season of the year, kids like it most as they get summer vacation to enjoy in many ways.

Summer season brings very hot and dry weather in Mediterranean regions and rainy weather in Eastern Asia because of Monsoon. At some places, storms and thunderstorms which produce hail, strong winds and tornadoes especially afternoon and evening are very common in the spring through summer.

They enjoy swimming, eating summer fruits and drinking cold drinks. For some people, summer season is good as they enjoy and entertain them at cool places; however, it really becomes intolerable for people living in the rural areas because of the lack of summer heat beating resources.

At some places, people suffer a huge lack of water in their own areas and they have to carry drinking water from long distance. It is all over good season for the children as they get one and half months long summer vacation, enjoy at home with family, go for touring at cool places, enjoy swimming, and eat ice-creams including summer fruits.The summer season is one of the main seasons of India.

It starts from the month of April and lasts up to the end of June. There is intense heat during these months. India is a country with large variations in seasons and other environmental aspects.

In a nutshell, there are four basic seasons in India namely the winter season, summer season, rainy season and .

Pongal Festival. Pongal is a four-days-long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, there has been some form of harvest festival. Air pollution in India is a serious issue with the major sources being fuelwood and biomass burning, fuel adulteration, vehicle emission and traffic congestion.

In autumn and winter months, large scale crop residue burning in agriculture fields – a low cost alternative to mechanical tilling – is a major source of smoke, smog and particulate pollution.

Mar 07,  · 10 Lines Short Essay on Summer Season in India in English. Summer starts in March and ends in May. But in northwestern India, it starts in April and ends in July. Hottest months in summer in April and May. Sometimes temperature goes high as 50°C in some part of India/5(21).

Summer is the hottest, longest and, in some respects, the most trying season in India. It begins generally in the middle of March and lasts almost until the end of June.

During the earlier part of this season, the weather is dry, mild, and agreeable.

Summer Season | Short Paragraph Essay on Summer Season for Students and Children