Editing services for indie authors on kindle

Self-publishing is not a new phenomenon; after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg innumerous books have been self-published. In the author of The Joy of Cooking paid a local printing company to print copies; the Bobbs-Merrill Company acquired the rights, and since then the book has sold over 18 million copies. As a result, it was difficult for an unknown author to get a publishing contract under these circumstances. So-called vanity publishers offered an alternative:

Editing services for indie authors on kindle

Publishing and Kindle Unlimited: Filled with shifting sand. And moving goal posts. So, what have I learned from all that? First, Some Numbers The total number of books in print hit 28 million worldwide inas calculated by all the titles that acquired ISBNs.

In the United States, someISBNs were taken by the self-published authors, while approximatelywere solicited by the traditional trade publishers.

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The numbers above do not include ebook-only titles, which are preferred by many Indie authors. How well do these sell? The following graph answers the question.

As for some other conclusions: Amazon launched a subscription ebook service in the summer, called Kindle Unlimited KU. The method of payout for this service has been controversial among self-published authors, and requires an explanation.

Traditionally published ebooks downloaded from Kindle Unlimited earn the same amount as a sale. The amount paid per borrow depends on how much Amazon funds a shared pool. However, each borrow affects ebook ranking just as a sale does, so there is a side benefit to actual sales, too.

Kindle Unlimited seems to have been a major shake-up to the rankings, to visibility, and possibly to author earnings. Keep in mind, however, that authors in this program are giving up income from other outlets, which must be taken into account and may mean a decrease in earning potential for some or even many authors.

Author Earnings is naturally the most interesting aspect of KU for us, as authors. And we see that indie KU titles appear to simultaneously benefit from the higher visibility earned through KU downloads and the higher revenue share earned on regular sales of those titles.

How are these earning shared among authors? In terms of overall averages across titles, we see the same effect: Daily unit sales of the 31, non-KU titles declined, on average, by But indie titles, which make up roughly half of KU downloads, receive on average less compensation per borrow than per sale.

So once again, the more interesting question for those of us is this: Are indie authors who choose to stay with KU giving up author earnings for broader readership and longer bestseller list visibility?

In terms of overall averages across indie titles, we see the same effect. Conclusion What the data tells us, then, is that in most cases joining KU is a valid strategy for most authors, especially Indie ones.

A secondary conclusion is that self-publishing is just as viable as any other form of publishing. No one can halt your career because an early title underperforms expectations.

Traditional publishing

You get to hire the editors and cover artists you want to work with. You get to write whatever you want and publish whenever and however often you like. And you can publish every which way. Self-publishing used to close you off to other avenues, now it simply opens them up.

Many authors are now publishing in several ways simultaneously. Myself included — but more on that at a later post.

Read seven short sci-fi stories for only 99c!Quality editing costs money, so definitely I would urge writers to investigate and ask for personal recommendations from authors who have successful indie books in the market. And remember, as good as some proofreaders may be, this is a different service than editing.

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editing services for indie authors on kindle

Browse this exclusive collection of talented indie authors on our website link . Publishing for the Indie Author Thank you for visiting Sarco Press, your complete publishing service! If you want to publish the book on your own, and you only need formatting services, see this page.

A low cost editing and formatting service specializing in providing an affordable and professional service to indie authors. A low cost editing and formatting service specializing in providing an affordable and professional service to indie authors.

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