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Econ 382

Respondents to WTO Complaints by Country Of the five complaints by the United States where final appellate reports have been adopted, all five decisions found that there were barriers to exports from the United States that violated the trade agreements and should be rectified.

Japan Alcohol Case A U. European Union Banana Regime Case The United States, along with four Latin American countries, complained that EU rules favor bananas from domestic producers and former colonies over the cheaper bananas produced in the Americas.

Under EU rules, bananas from the Americas face duties, quota restrictions, and limits on the amount that can be marketed through a complex licensing system. American complaints about European banana importation practices pre-date the WTO.

Since the panel report was never adopted, however, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Ecuador joined together to request consultations with the EU again on February 5, The EU also claims that ending the regime Econ 382 cause severe economic and political hardship in the Caribbean, as the banana industry is often the mainstay in many Caribbean economies.

EU member-states have differing views on the issue, however, with France, Spain, Portugal, pushing for more protection of the ACP economies and the northern states preferring more liberalization of banana importation. The EU filed an appeal on June 11 stating, among other things, that the United States did not have standing in this case.

The Appellate Body issued its report on September 9,upholding most of the previous panel's rulings, with the exception of certain violation of the GATS with regard to Mexico, Honduras, and Ecuador.

Since the ruling against the EU banana regime, the EU has issued proposals to reform its banana importation rules in hopes of bringing them in line with the WTO.

The measures include a ten-year modernization plan to make traditional suppliers more efficient as well as an end to the contentious import licensing system. The EU will have to pay compensation or face WTO-authorized retaliation if a satisfactory settlement is not reached before January He said, "The system is working as intended - as a means above all for conciliation and for encouraging resolution of disputes, rather than just for making judgements.

One such case is the U. The case was filed by Japan on May 17,after the United States threatened Japan the previous day with punitive tariffs on luxury cars unless Japan opened its automobile and auto parts market.

Auto-related disputes between the United States and Japan were not a new issue. On October 1,then U. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor announced his intention to investigate the Japanese auto parts market. In comparison, the Japanese auto companies' share of the U. The tariffs were set to take effect on July 28, if Japan did not respond to the U.

In taking the case to the WTO, Japan asserted that unilateral sanctions were not consistent with the principles of the trade agreements. However, the dispute was settled on July 19,just before U.

The United States canceled the unilateral sanctions on the condition that Japan deregulate the auto parts after-market, or replacement market, increase voluntary purchases of U. Another significant point raised by this case regards the fact that, "the WTO acted as a deterrent against conflict and promoter of agreement.

The first is the concern noted above that if the WTO panel finds that specific U. The second concern is that the DSU may constrain U. Trade Act, designed to retaliate against foreign trade practices determined to be unfair.

If a report by a panel or the Appellate Body requires the United States to amend federal law to be consistent with an Uruguay Round Agreement, the Congress is the only body with the authority to decide whether such amendments will be made.

Reports do not grant federal agencies or state governments legal authority to modify their regulations or procedures or to cease to enforce any specific laws or regulations. Two early dispute panel cases illustrate the ways in which the WTO panels have dealt with conflicts between U.

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They include a complaint by Costa Rica regarding restrictions on imports of cotton underwear, and a complaint by Venezuela and Brazil regarding U. The CAA creates two gasoline programs to keep pollution from gasoline combustion at or below levels and to reduce pollutants in metropolitan areas.

The first program concerns reformulated gasoline for nine metropolitan areas and some additional areas requested, while the second program covers conventional gasoline that can be sold in the rest of the United States. Venezuela and Brazil complained about the establishment of baseline levels for conventional gasoline, which could be set by either the individual producer or the U.

While domestic refiners had a choice of three possible methods of baseline establishment before the EPA set one, importers had only one possible method. Since importers had insufficient data to calculate a level using the first method, importers were forced to adopt a baseline level set by the EPA.

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The United States appealed the ruling on February 21,stating that the discriminatory treatment of importers was justified under Article XX of the GATT as necessary "to protect human, animal or plant life for health," as well as to conserve an exhaustible natural resource, clean air.

Pursuant to this decision, the United States agreed with Venezuela, on December 3,to a fifteen-month phase-out of U. This first WTO decision was a poignant one since many opponents of the WTO were concerned that democratically created environmental, health, and consumer safety laws could be undermined by trade bureaucrats in Geneva.The history of the Netherlands is the history of seafaring people thriving on a lowland river delta on the North Sea in northwestern Europe.

Records begin with the four centuries during which the region formed a militarised border zone of the Roman Empire. This came under increasing pressure from Germanic peoples moving westwards. As Roman power collapsed and the Middle Ages began, three. ECON Natural Resource Economics I Units: Hours: Formerly: part of A.

Introduces students to economic issues and public policies specific to the use and management of natural resources.

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Fencing Main Page - American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. Ph# ECON A Quiz 2. This is a preview content. A premier membership is required to view full answers. View Answers. 1) Suppose that a rare virus infects and kills a significant percentage of the population. Assuming that land and labor are complements in a farming production function, what.

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate.

Econ 382

At the top left, the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, is located at the convergence of the Blue Nile and the White Nile. Although the Blue Nile is much shorter than the White Nile, it contributes about 80% of the flow of the river.

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