Developing effective communication in health and

I am going to be a care worker working at a local day centre.

Developing effective communication in health and

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It serves the role of being a source of correct information as well as an advocate for correct health behaviors. But before the media can take on that role, it needs to understand the virus, the issues surrounding it, policy and practices, and finally, recommended correct behaviors.

Developing effective communication in health and

Health authorities educate and entrust the media with essential health information, which is then relayed to the public in readily accessible formats through a variety of media channels.

For instance, in order to disseminate information about the avian influenza to the wider public, the U.

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Government tasked the Academy for Educational Development with the responsibility of developing a training program to help the local media understand the complexity of this disease so that they would be able to report about it effectively 2 5.

The mass media provides an important link between the rural residents and vital health information. The mass media, in the form of the radio and television, are an effective way to persuade target audiences to adopt new behaviors, or to remind them of critical information.

Besides informing the public about new diseases and where to seek help, they can also keep the public updated about immunization campaigns. Messages for a Vaccination Campaign 4 In order to increase the number of children less than a year old receiving vaccinations in Manila, Philippines, radio and television broadcasts were created because almost everybody utilized one or both media channels.

Developing effective communication in health and

Radio Spots 5 "The backbone of our mass media program is the 45 second promotional spot. Why start with spots? Because they are quick and easy to produce and broadcast. In the same spirit we make low cost tools, such as the gazety, accessible to large numbers of families, we broadcast dozens of spots on over ten fm stations every day, day in and day out.

With the spots working for us, we developed short rural radio programs by recording local skits and brief interviews with parents.

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Powerful synergy between two communication channels is achieved when village skits are broadcasting on local radio stations. Not only are they cheaper and more readily available in rural areas, their programs can also be adapted to suit local needs in terms of language, culture and values.

In Africa, radio spots or advertisements are used to combat malaria. Using Radio for Diarrheal Disease Control in Swaziland 7 To prevent the deaths of infants and young children from diarrhea, radio broadcasts were used to train health professionals to treat the disease, distribute relevant health materials and set up places where mothers could learn how to prepare medication properly.

Regardless of location, the Internet allows people to gain access to a wide array of health-related information from worldwide at a mouse click.

However, there is one important caveat. As the amount of information grows at an unprecedented rate, so does the amount of false, and potentially harmful information. Misinformation, either due to inaccurate information, misleading information or misinterpretation of health information, can have potentially dire consequences, triggering mass panics, misleading uninformed policy-makers etc.

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Hong Kong, for example, narrowly missed mass panic as a result of misinformation being posted to a falsified website concerning SARS.Promotion of healthy behaviors and prevention of disease are inextricably linked to cultural understandings of health and well-being. Health communication scholarship and practice can substantially and strategically contribute to people living safer, healthier, and happier lives.

Health communication is widely considered to be a major aspect of any public health campaign. Strategies integrated into a community, based on personal contact and delivered through culturally appro- priate media, are . The service user that I plan to have a one-to-one interaction will in Majella.

I am going to be a care worker working at a local day centre. Majella. Effective Health Communication Strategies in Ghana by Megan Prilutski — 53 tion is going to help them change by both discussing different communication channels to be used and setting.

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