Credible source of information

You want your paper to contain sources written by unbiased and professional experts, not businessmen with commercial interests. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine if a source is reliable: Author Who is providing the information?

Credible source of information

A Depository employee, she said shots had "come from our building. There was an echo which gave me a sound all over" 7H House Select Committee The next important tabulation of earwitness testimony came from the House Select Committee on Assassinations. They found only 20 witnesses who actually believed they heard the shots from the vicinity of the Grassy Knoll, and 46 who thought the shots came from the direction of the Depository.

See House Select Committee, Volume 2, p. Their willingness to acknowledge the large number of witnesses who heard shots from the Depository was a huge improvement on Thompson's tabulation.

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They apparently did this by demanding a high degree of precision from witnesses in order to count them in the category "Grassy Knoll. Stewart Galanor A recent conspiracy-oriented tabulation comes from Stewart Galanor, author of Coverup. Galanor claims 52 Knoll witnesses, although he admits that there were 48 Depository witnesses see right.

Galanor has done students of the assassination an important service by putting selected testimony from the witnesses online.

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Galanor inflates the number of Knoll witnesses by a few dubious classifications, and by his decision to classify every witness who saw "smoke" in Dealey Plaza as a Knoll witness even if they didn't believe they heard any shots from the Knoll.

Galanor believes that the "smoke" was evidence of a Grassy Knoll shooter, but in reality the witnesses mentioned "smoke" and "steam" and "motorcycle exhaust.

The simple fact is that modern firearms don't emit large clouds of smoke that hang in the air, as Oliver Stone discovered when he was filming the movie "JFK. Definitive Tabulation In an attempt to correct the deficiencies of earlier tabulations, I enlisted several students in my class on the Kennedy assassination to go through the testimony with a "fine tooth comb.

Ina few witnesses who had not been identified nor included in any previous tabulation were added. The results are presented in the pie chart at right, and the detailed data can be found here.

As can be seen, 33 witnesses believed that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll or at least the direction of the Knolland 64 thought the shots came from the Depository or at least, in that direction. Eight witnesses thought the shots came from a location entirely distinct from the Knoll and the Depository including two who thought the shots came from inside the car!

Witnesses who didn't know, or couldn't distinguish between the Knoll and the Depository are excluded. This "two locations" number is exceedingly important. There is overwhelming evidence that at least some shots were fired from behind the motorcade.

Credible source of information

Several witnesses saw a shooter, or at least a gun in the sixth floor sniper's nest window. The medical evidence is clear that both Kennedy and Connally were hit from behind regardless of whether either was also hit from the front. Once we understand that at least some shots came from behind, it is hard to see how shots could also have come from the Grassy Knoll without more witnesses reporting shots from more than one direction.

Credible source of information

It begins to look like some were confused about the direction of the shots.In Bayesian statistics, a credible interval is a range of values within which an unobserved parameter value falls with a particular subjective is an interval in the domain of a posterior probability distribution or a predictive distribution.

The generalisation to multivariate problems is the credible regardbouddhiste.comle intervals are analogous to confidence intervals in frequentist. The experts at Elite Editing show you where to find credible sources for your research paper. Finding credible sources online explained.

Close. Search Menu. How It Works. but double-check all of the facts by using credible sources of information. onspiracy books, videos and movies like Oliver Stone's "JFK" regale their audience by claiming "all those witnesses" who heard shots from the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza.

Migraine is a very individual condition and trigger factors and symptoms vary tremendously from person to person. Jun 01,  · Devin Nunes: No credible evidence of Russia-Trump collusion.

Should you use Wikipedia as a credible resource? No, because even though Wikipedia is one of the Webs most popular reference sites, it isnt a credible resource because anyone . Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto has closed: Bayer the sole shareholder of Monsanto. Shareowners to receive merger consideration of $ per share. Use the preceding guidelines to think about the credibility, expertise, bias, and funding of the source of information. The most credible Internet sites come from recognized experts, like health agencies and reputable health and medical organizations.

House Select Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says he still believes there isn’t sufficient evidence to . Evaluating the Credibility of Your Sources Remember, your use of sources is a means of supporting the argument you make. This means that the sources you reference need to be credible .

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