Branch rickey and jackie robinson interview essay

That same year, he had a visit from Clyde Sukeforth a Dodger scout who told him that Brooklyn Dodger general manager Branch Rickey would like to meet with him. Jackie Robinson When Robinson traveled to New York City for the meeting he was unaware that he was going to be asked to become the first Black player in major league baseball. The decision to open up "America's favorite pastime" to African-Americans was in no small part due to the contribution they had made to the country's war effort. Happy Chandler, the newly installed Baseball Commissioner, was quoted as saying that:

Jackie Robinson Breaks Baseball's Color Barrier,

Transcript of interview with Branch Rickey by Davis J. For additional information on the Branch Rickey Papers, you can leave this site and read a summary catalog record for the collection. Well, now this one day - or two inning strike on the part of Arky Vaughn would you like to go into that at all, the reason behind it - Rickey: Well, that would be a long story and it involved the manager and involved a temporary upset in which Arky was disaffected and decided he would quit and he changed his mind and was very - Davis: You feel that going into the details might needlessly - Rickey: You went into the Robinson thing with me rather briefly earlier in this recording and - Rickey: I think I did - yes Davis: Possibly that may be the answer to the entire question that I put to you Rickey: If it becomes important at any time - any specific questions that you would want to ask - I would try to answer them Davis: I was very positive about that before I employed him - that I had to be sure about - Davis: It could have resulted disastrously Rickey: Well long before you ever heard of Robinson you had this feeling Rickey: Yes, I did indeed - very deeply Davis: If a negro could play Major League baseball - he should play Rickey: The utter injustice of it always was in my mind - in St.

Louis a negro was not permitted to buy his way into the Grandstand - you know that - and it has only been in recent years that he has been permitted to go into the Grandstand and of course there was no negro player in baseball - I felt very deeply about that thing all my life and within a month after I went to Brooklyn I want to Mr.

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George McLaughlin and had a talk with him about and found he was sympathetic with my views about it Davis: He gave you support on Robinson Rickey: He did - he certainly did - and then my Board did it - they supported me royally on it and Davis: Looking back now it seems a little absurd that all these maneuvers were necessary Rickey: Oh, yes they were necessary - today, as you say, every League in the Country even the Southern Association Rickey: They will break the colored line this coming year without a question Davis: So - here we are back Rickey:Apr 14,  · In her essay, June Fifield wrote that her husband kept the story of the encounter to himself for most of his life, but eventually came to realize that Jackie Robinson, and the rest of the world, should hear of it after Rickey died, and so he told it to his wife.

Wesley Branch Rickey [1] American baseball executive The names Rickey and Robinson will always be linked in the annals of sport because of their respective roles in breaking major league baseball's "color line," a seminal event which is regarded as having had a monumental effect — perha.

Branch rickey and jackie robinson interview essay

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, [tags: Jackie Robinson Essay] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview.

Rickey, Wesley Branch

Jackie Robinson - Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo. The year Jackie was born was to a family of farmers. His Mother name is Mallie Robinson. Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey.

Branch rickey and jackie robinson interview essay

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Read Jackie Robinson free essay and over 88, other research documents. Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, , in Cairo, Georgia, the grandson of a slave. Jackie 5/5(1).

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