Australia-japan relations essay contest 2010

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Australia-japan relations essay contest 2010

Australia-japan relations essay contest 2010

A new model of great-power relations? This is not the natural order of the world: The current international order was a product of political choice, framed fundamentally by the post-war choice to put in place the institutions agreed at Bretton Woods that guaranteed the evolution of an open, multilateral regime.

This regime fostered both economic prosperity and international political stability among those who chose to sign on to it. Asia will continue to prosper and be secure if that framework can be sustained, but for that to happen, the order must evolve.

We have with little thought simply taken the current order for granted. The advent of Donald Trump, the potential disintegration of Europe and how these two events interact with the rise of China and other powers mean that taking this framework for granted is no longer tenable.

That choice eliminated major-power rivalry as a source of tension and conflict in the region. There the focus turned to China—US relations. The new modelXi urged, would promote world peace and the stable development of the Asia Pacific.

The Obama leadership did not reject this notion outright, but never embraced it. Obama himself gave it no traction at all. The model appeared to give Beijing too much space in defining its own core geopolitical interests. China may no longer accept American leadership as the foundation of the regional or global strategic order, but Beijing is now confronted with explicit rebuff of its new model of great power relations, which stresses cooperation among the major powers.

Few, if any, in Asia or around the world want China to get all it wants: But China is deeply embedded in the current global order both economically and politically, and it has accepted and incorporated into policies and institutions many tenets of the formerly US-led established international order.

The idea that Asia could be transformed economically by the biggest shift in the distribution of wealth in history without its also being transformed politically and strategically is a delusion.

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It would have been remarkable if China had not sought a bigger global role as its power has grown in the same way that every rising power before it has done. That it has sought such a small role relative to its weight and importance thus far has been remarkable and to the benefit of the international system which has proven stubborn to change.

Given the stand-off, one might think that there is no future for a new era of great-power relations. Perhaps that will turn out to be so. But China had to deliver on the opportunity from its own starting point.

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And it has to find its own way through. China has a right to choose its own path of development, given its own set of historical assets and liabilities, Zha insists. It should stand back from the bully pit. China would have the most to lose if it foolishly failed to put the new American security strategy rhetoric into proper perspective and to work hard at alleviating feelings of uncertainty about its intentions in Washington and elsewhere.Sited by Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne.

The aim of the annual Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest is to encourage and develop a better understanding of Japan and Australia-Japan relations amongst Australian students.

30th australia japan relations essay contest

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What language centres can offer a much stronger than. Australia-Japan Relations Essay: Sushi roll VS The Meat Pie Introduction: The two groups, the Australian and the Japanese, both say that they are proud of their food.

05 Jul AM | Office Administrator (Administrator) The Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest is conducted by the Embassy of Japan and Consulates-General of Japan in Australia. The aim of the contest is to encourage and develop a better understanding of Japan and Australia-Japan relations among Australian students.

The aim of the Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest is to encourage and develop a better understanding of Japan and Australia-Japan relations, amongst secondary school students in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. The contest is open to students—not only Japanese language.

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Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest for NSW and NT Secondary School Students Aim.

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