An introduction to the hippocampus hudonius

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An introduction to the hippocampus hudonius

I caught a pregnant male at The River Project at Pier 40 this summer. The scientific name is actually the Hippocampus erectus, not hudsonius though.

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They are the most graceful, interesting creatures. A close relative of seahorses are pipefish, which have similar pointed mouths that they use to hunt amphipods like seahorses.

Both are able to change their coloring to match their environment. I saw our seahorses change from a dark brownish to a lighter yellowish when we changed the color of the rope.

Seahorses disappeared from the Hudson about 60 years or so ago but reappeared years ago after the Clean Water Act of A sad side story: At TRP the seahorses and pipefish are kept in the same tank because their needs are nearly identical.

They both eat amphipods tiny shrimp-like; will eat frozen mysis shrimp in captivity and both are poor swimmers that like to hold onto things—ropes, pipes, any structure they can wrap their tails around or hide in.

So one day we caught about 5 juvenile pipefish and put them into the tank. One or all of the new pipefish had a bacterial infection.

These infections are very easy to spread amongst other individuals in the tank, especially at high temperatures. The temperature of the Hudson reached upwards of 80 degrees and ALL of the seahorses and pipefish caught the Vibrio.

The seahorses died one large female and two small females and about 10 pipefish were seriously affected and 5 or more died.

I ended up learning a lot about bacterial infections of fish that can actually be given to humans through open cuts or consuming them. It is also known as the flesh-eating bacteria, self explanatory.

We were able to remedy the remaining survivors after some research. It was amazing to me that there was a such thing as fish medicine. Sadly, though we lost all of our seahorses which were more sensitive to this infection.This book is a very user-friendly introduction to the world of computer models of the brain, with an emphasis on how the hippocampus and associated areas mediate regardbouddhiste.coms: 2.

Jun 21,  · 1. Introduction. Declarative memory and working memory deficits have been consistently demonstrated to be associated with the schizophrenic syndrome [1,2].Although individuals with hippocampal damage can rehearse information across small time intervals and retain it, under normal circumstances, the hippocampus is used to process and integrate information across very .

Figure —Sea horse (Hippocampus hudsonius), Virgina. From Goode. Drawing by H.


L. Todd. Description— The sea horse grotesquely resembles the "knight" in an ordinary set of wooden chessmen in its sidewise flattened body, in its deep convex belly, in its curved neck and in its curious horselike head carried at right angles to the general.

Aug 28,  · A Brief Introduction to the Hippocampus Exercises Faithful Brain Counseling. My 21st century interpretation of this is what I call the Healthy Hippocampus Exercise.

I actually have two . HippoCampus courses were designed to address the AP College Board criteria. However, as with any teaching resource, they should not be considered a singular solution, but can be used as a good foundation for an AP teaching curriculum.

The hippocampus plays a very important role in storing our memories and connecting them to our emotions, among other roles. Hippocampus: Definition, Function & Location.

An introduction to the hippocampus hudonius

Introduction to.

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