A report on the use of marijuana and its positive effects

The New York Department of Health just released its report on legalization of marijuana in the empire state. The report had been commissioned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in January, The news media has previously discussed some contents of the report, but this is the first time the full report has been released to the public.

A report on the use of marijuana and its positive effects

Share on Reddit In a new page analysis that blows through the current state of scientific knowledge on the health risks and benefits of marijuana, one of the strongest conclusions is that it can effectively treat chronic pain in some patients. The sweeping report, released Thursday by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, covered more than 10, scientific studies and came to nearly other conclusions.

Those mostly highlight unanswered questions and insufficient research related to health effects of marijuana, as well as several risks.

That is, a drug that has no medical use. Further Reading Studying marijuana remains a drag The new report also strongly concludes that the Schedule I listing creates significant administrative barriers for researchers wishing to conduct health research on marijuana and its components—an issue Ars has previously reported on.

The massive report falls at a hazy time for enforcement of that scheduling. Despite the federal prohibition, dozens of states have enacted or passed laws allowing for medical and recreational use of marijuana.

A report on the use of marijuana and its positive effects

The Obama Administration was lenient in its enforcement of the federal law, largely leaving states alone. I know it won't be an easy decision, but I will try to do my duty in a fair and just way.

The other big takeaways of the report include: Cannabis and cannabinoids were effective at treating chronic pain, particularly that related to multiple-sclerosis.

The substances were also effective for treating chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting in cancer patients Cannabis and cannabinoids use is not linked to cancers that arise from smoking, such as lung and neck cancers.

Using marijuana may increase the risk of developing mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and to a lesser extent depression. However, the committee found a clear link between people who use marijuana and those prone to developing substance dependence.

Using marijuana immediately impairs learning, memory, and attention.The legalization and decriminalization of marijuana has received a great deal of media attention across the country, and many States are considering whether they should legalize marijuana for recreational or medical use.

How Does Marijuana Work?

With more people using marijuana today than ever before, it’s important to understand the effects of marijuana on the body. People report various physical and psychological effects, from pain relief and relaxation to increased anxiety and hunger.

But smoking marijuana can have some bad effects on your health, including making breathing problems worse. The federal ban on marijuana makes it hard to study its effects on humans. There's evidence that marijuana use during pregnancy could have negative effects.

Getty Images According to the report from the National Academies, substantial evidence shows a link between prenatal cannabis exposure — when a pregnant woman uses marijuana — and lower birth weight.

Marijuana-Based Drug Gets Positive Review From US Agency More FILE - This May 23, , file photo shows GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex, a medicine made from the marijuana .

Science — Massive scientific report on marijuana confirms medical benefits Effective pain treatment is a top conclusion, but risks and unanswered questions remain.

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