A biography of anwar sadat the president of egypt

He entered the army as a second lieutenant and was posted to Sudan Egypt and Sudan were one country at the time.

A biography of anwar sadat the president of egypt

Nasser died on September 28,and was succeeded by his vice president, Sadat, himself a Free Officer. Although then viewed as an interim figure, Sadat soon revealed unexpected gifts for political survival.

In May he outmaneuvered a formidable combination of rivals… Sadat graduated from the Cairo Military Academy in The British arrested and imprisoned him inbut he escaped two years later.

Nobel Prize for Peace

Sadat held various high offices that led to his serving in the vice presidency —66, — Sadat, AnwarAnwar Sadat, It was in foreign affairs that Sadat made his most dramatic efforts.

Following the failure of this initiativeSadat launched a military attack in coordination with Syria to retake the territory, sparking the Yom Kippur October War of The Egyptian army achieved a tactical surprise in its attack on the Israeli-held territory, and, though Israel successfully counterattacked, Sadat emerged from the war with greatly enhanced prestige as the first Arab leader to have actually retaken some territory from Israel.

After the war, Sadat began to work toward peace in the Middle East.

A biography of anwar sadat the president of egypt

He made a historic visit to Israel November 19—20,during which he traveled to Jerusalem to place his plan for a peace settlement before the Israeli Knesset parliament. This initiated a series of diplomatic efforts that Sadat continued despite strong opposition from most of the Arab world and the Soviet Union.

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Jimmy Carter mediated the negotiations between Sadat and Begin that resulted in the Camp David Accords September 17,a preliminary peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. Sadat and Begin were awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace inand their continued political negotiations resulted in the signing on March 26,of a treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel—the first between the latter and any Arab country.

Anwar Sadat addressing the Knesset, November 20, In September he ordered a massive police strike against his opponents, jailing more than 1, people from across the political spectrum. Sadat, AnwarThe assassination of Egyptian Pres.

(November 20, 1977)

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A biography of anwar sadat the president of egypt

Kindle Edition. Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat: The Presidents Who Shaped Modern Egypt Sep 7, by Charles River Editors. Kindle Edition. Synopsis. Nefertiti, whose name means "a beautiful woman has come," was the queen of Egypt and wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the 14th century B.C.

Hosni Mubarak, also spelled Ḥosnī Mubārak, in full Muḥammad Ḥosnī Said Mubārak, Ḥosnī also spelled Ḥusnī, (born May 4, , Al-Minūfiyyah governorate, Egypt), Egyptian military officer and politician who served as president of Egypt from October until February , when popular unrest forced him .

Anwar Sadat | president of Egypt | regardbouddhiste.com

Anwar el-Sadat was the one-time president of Egypt () who shared the Nobel Peace Prize for establishing peace agreements with Israel. Born on December 25, , in Mit Ab al-Kawm Born: Dec 25, Born into a family of 13 children in , Anwar al-Sadat grew up among average Egyptian villagers in the town of Mit Abul Kom 40 miles to the north of Cairo.

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Address by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to the Knesset