7115 business studies mark scheme

It shows the basis on which Examiners were initially instructed to award marks.

7115 business studies mark scheme

It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners meeting before marking began, which would have considered the acceptability of alternative answers.

Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the report on the examination. Cambridge will not enter into discussions or correspondence in connection with these mark schemes.

Teachers version Syllabus Paper This mark scheme includes a summary of appropriate content for answering each question. It should be emphasised, however, that this material is for illustrative purposes and is not intended to provide a definitive guide to acceptable answers.

It is quite possible that among the scripts there will be some candidate answers that are not covered directly by the content of this mark scheme. In such cases, professional judgement should be exercised in assessing the merits of the answer.

Examples of possible answers are also included in this mark scheme. Again, it should be emphasised that this is for illustrative purposes and the examples chosen represent only some of the many possible responses that would merit reward.

Teachers version Syllabus Paper 1 a What is meant by productivity? Some understanding [1] e. Training which involves watching a more experienced worker doing the job in the work place. Do not accept points that apply to both methods of training.

7115 business studies mark scheme

For two evaluation marks, the answer must be clearly in the context of this business. Either viewpoint is possible depending on points discussed.

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Or total revenue minus total costs [2]. Formula is acceptable for two marks. Answers such as money made by a business [0].

7115 business studies mark scheme

For both marks must have idea that there is both sales and cost element to profit. Teachers version Syllabus Paper c Identify and explain two reasons why profit is important to small businesses like Sunil s.

Ways Laws affect Sunil: Ways Laws affect Consumers: Teachers version Syllabus Paper e Do you think the advantages of owning a small business are greater than the disadvantages for Sunil?june business studies paper2 file type pdfcambridge igcse business studies ()a-level business studies specimen mark scheme paper 2 aqa a level business paper 2 (19th june) - the student roombusiness studies past exam papers and mark schemes - econbusbusiness studies buss2 - mr regardbouddhiste.com sitemap indexPopularRandom Home.

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